Friday, January 04, 2008

Wow, has it EVER been a long time. A good friend noticed and I claimed not to have access anymore. Guess I am utterly full of it, yes?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ColorQuiz.comLily took the free personality test!

"Considers the existing circumstances disagreeable ..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November is a BAAAAAAAD month for me to try to post every single day, but damn it, I think I might just try. Lots is about to change in my life. I've got a new job, I'm moving all to the way to Manitoba. Why, you ask? Job, way to pay attention. I dropped off my lovely sleek Japanese cell phone on Monday to a sketchy phone unlocking operation in the Bayfield Mall. Tomorrow I get to see if the thing was a success. *fingers crossed* Here's to hoping, eh folks? Please lord let it work. I want my phone to function. Also, my Motorola V60i? DISCONTINUED. That somehow means to me that I must upgrade, even though my particular v60i functions. *sigh* Back to work, folks.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nadine, seriously, if you ever take out a classified ad, THIS is the photo to entice men from every walk of life.

Pre-rafting; Leana and Lily all suited up in half-wet-suits for the cold winds, and a little nervous about the day ahead!

Our supplies! (Oh, and Sarah and Leana, too.)

Sarah, Ashley, Leana and Nadine... stocking up.

I LOVE THIS PHOTO. Seriously, this is adorable. What the hell was this face for?

And here I am. A happy, mellow, drunk.

I think this is Nadine's happy face. Either that, or her "stay the f*** away or I'll bite you." Can't decide which it is.

Ashley and copious quantities of alcohol.

Sarah relaxing... I'm starting to see a theme, here...

The natural order of things: Leana confused and Sarah crazy.

Leana, crazy Brit, Nadine and Sarah... why are they clapping? One might ask, yes, but one was TOO drunk to remember. Oh well.

Hot, hobbit-Brit, Lily, and a bottle cap. Way to focus, people! Hmmm, can't recall his name, but he could summer saults (sp?) with no hands! Absolutely... "brilliant."

Nadine, an inebriated Brit, and Sarah.... what in the hell was his name? *smirks* He was running around in the morning, still drunk, with his pants barely hanging on. Priceless.

Sarah, trying to wake us up.

Ashley, Lily and Nadine... trying in vain to sleep in. (Shut up already Sarah, it's not time yet!)

Nadine's SWEET ASS. (I'm going to get smacked for that, I can just FEEL it.) (Actually, I did; that butt got groped numerous times over the course of the weekend.)

Sarah just chilling out, while the rest of us work! Kidding, kidding...

Sarah and Nadine, and...

And Ashley!

On the ride home, Sarah (or her hand, anyway) and Lily giving the peace sign. I guess that was a bit redudant. Sorry.

Monday, October 09, 2006

So, I'm sure this is boring, and I'm sorry that the captions are LESS than setllar and inspiring, but I'm tired. All I managed was to upload the photos from our drive and from a couple other instances. Hopefully, will post something exciting in the near future. (Here's to hoping.) At any rate, enjoy!

Our backyard.
Lake something or other.

On the water.

Field and fence.

After securing herself a Tim Bit, and jumping all over the place with happiness over being invited on the car trip, Marlo is finally at ease.

Like so many songs say, it's a winding road...

Lovely farm.

Old school car.

More hills.

The hills on our drive...


You know you're having fun when.... you can't seem to focus, or decide what to shoot.

Maples I think.

Just some yellow leaves...

Saint Luke's Church, with some fall colours.. Don't recall which little tiny town this was in, but it was itty bitty.

Crazy Hallowe'en house.

Red Leaves.

Willow Creek behind my house

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unsure if this will work.
Here's to hoping.
This is a video from my time in Japan, when Keiko and I went up this tower (damn, what is it called?!) and saw these ridiculous people playing soccer on a tennis court.
Very amusing, indeed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pinetree in sunlight at the Kinmount Fair, September 2006.

My bangs got really long, before I managed to haul ass to the mall and get them trimmed.

Leana and Heather at my place.

Leana and Heather... goofy.

Leana and I had almost identical bite marks in our Dutch Apple doughnuts, so we took a photo. I think I insisted we take one. Stupid, really.

My friend, Heather, wearing my dad's nametag from some bizarro Liberal event that happened at Chappell Farms. "Hi, my name is Erik."

My dad holding our little bundle of joy, Jakob. She is the smarmiest little bitch cat who ever stalked the earth.

Glasses, gloss.

Red cap.

Red cap, again.